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2023-24 Board Members

Past President - Natalie Hurd

President - Megan Mahoney

Vice President - Gabe Storm

Treasurer - Nancy Raskauskas-Coons

Secretary - Gregg Koskela

At-Large Position 1 - Madeline Sattler

At-Large Position 2 - Jennifer Young

At-Large Position 3 - Joey Prechtl

At-Large Position 4 - Chloe Dreher

Natalie Hurd

Past President  |  Communications and Community Engagement Director, Medford School District

OSPRA changed my career trajectory in the best way possible. When I started in School PR in 2014, I came from the world of broadcast news and had no training in public relations and no knowledge of public school systems. My first OSPRA conference changed that. Seasoned school PR veterans welcomed me with open arms and became my lifeline for all.. the.. things. Now, nine years into my career, I can honestly say OSPRA helped me grow my department from a one-woman shop to an eight-person shop, get several promotions, and provide the opportunity to speak on a national level. I’ve created friendships that will last a lifetime, and there’s always someone to call when the stuff hits the fan. OSPRA is the best investment in your career growth that you could possibly make.

Megan Mahoney

President  |  Multimedia and Graphic Designer, Northwest Regional ESD

I joined OSPRA for the resources, but I stayed for the people. Not only will OSPRA members help you through a communications crisis, but they'll do so with kindness and empathy. You are never more than a phone call, text, or email away from someone who can help. I am honored to be part of such a solid network of intelligent, qualified, and compassionate people.

Gabe Storm

Vice President  |  Communication Lead Technical Specialist, North Clackamas Schools

Nancy Raskauskas-Coons

Treasurer  |  Coordinator of Communications, Brookings-Harbor School District

I’ve attended OSPRA conferences and workshops since 2016 and am passionate about its amazing members who serve as mentors, confidants, teachers, and inspirational leaders, and who are always ready to be a support or sounding board.

Gregg Koskela

Secretary  |  Communications Director, Cascade School District

Prior to starting as Director of Communications at Cascade in September of 2022, Gregg served in a variety of positions at Newberg School District, including Communications Coordinator, since August of 2017. After completing a bachelors in Sociology/Social Work from George Fox University, and a M.Div. with an emphasis in communications at Fuller Theological Seminary, Gregg served for several decades as pastor of several churches, most recently in Newberg. Needing a career change, he was drawn to the mission of public schools and the desire to support that mission by telling the good stories of what is happening in education. That desire has grown, and it is even more needed than ever before. He loves collaborative relationships, finding simple language that all can understand, and encouraging the hard-working staff of our K-12 schools.

Madeline Sattler

At-Large 1  |  Director of Marketing and Communications, French International School of Oregon

OSPRA is an invaluable resource. I joined in 2019 when I was working in a one-person department. I was not feeling confident in what I was doing, and I had lost my creative spark to come up with new ideas. Joining OSPRA gave me the validation that I can do this job and reinvigorated my passion for storytelling in education. Then, the pandemic hit, and the world was wild. The networking, swapping of resources, and frankly the heads-up that OSPRA members gave each other helped get me through those crazy times. I have met some incredible people through this organization, people who will drop what they’re doing to help me with an issue. I joined the board to continue fostering my connections within OSPRA and to play a small part in an organization that has changed my life.

Jen Young

At-Large 2  |  Graphic Designer, Willamette ESD

I joined OSPRA in 2020. I was new to the education world, and it was a game-changer. I found a supportive community that truly understands the daily challenges of my job, a wealth of resources, a low-pressure networking scene, and real-life examples at my fingertips. Everyone in OSPRA is incredibly generous with their time and advice. Whether you're new to school PR or a seasoned pro, OSPRA is the best place to make connections, gain understanding, and access helpful resources – it's a decision you won't regret on your educational journey!

Joey Prechtl

At-Large 3  |  Communications Coordinator, Jefferson County School District 509J

OSPRA has been an invaluable resource since I started my career as a K-12 school communications professional. Prior to joining my school district, I was a TV news reporter with no real-world experience in public relations and not a whole lot of knowledge about how public education operates. OSPRA has provided me with professional development opportunities that have allowed me to grow in my position and add more value to my school district. I will never forget how I felt after attending my first OSPRA conference in Corvallis in 2022. I was surrounded by people that understood what I was going through in my role and there have been so many people who have offered advice, resources, and a helping hand whenever I’ve reached out. Now, I have made some great relationships with my fellow OSPRA members that I am so thankful for. OSPRA is a fantastic organization that brings members together to help each other.

Chloe Dreher

At-Large 4  |  Communications Specialist, Willamette ESD

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