The OSPRA Communication Awards program recognizes creative and effective work in communications. The awards program also provides valuable feedback from other communications professionals.

Entries are encouraged from all public or private schools or districts, including special schools such as vocational-technical institutes, regional or county education service districts, education agencies and private enterprises serving as partners with those organizations. OSPRA membership is not required but is always encouraged. 

In addition to the Communication Awards, OSPRA also accepts nominations for a Superintendent Communicator of the Year to honor leaders who have contributed greatly to school public relations. 

Communications Awards

Communication Award submissions are open now through April 15, 2022

All entries must be supported with a summary (up to 500 words). Provide an overview of your entry and address your process before, during, and after the project. Use the following questions to guide your summary:

    1. Why was this project needed?
    2. What research went into this project?
    3. What planning and goals were associated with the work?
    4. How did you implement or communicate this project?
    5. How did you evaluate or measure your success?
    Submit your communication

    Communication Awards Categories

    Includes logos, banners, stationery and other graphic treatments for a package of materials. Submissions must include three or more separate pieces within the same entry by attaching to the entry.


    This includes Comprehensive, Strategic, Year-Round Communication Programs, Public Engagement/Parent and Community Involvement Programs and Initiatives, Bond/Finance Campaigns, Marketing Communications for District or Schools, Special Communication Projects/Campaigns (i.e., education advocacy, school closings/consolidation, boundary changes, health initiatives, marketing/branding, cultural diversity, environmental campaigns, etc.)

    The entry should include URLs to key support materials (publications, PDFs, websites, videos, and social media associated with the campaign should be entered here as part of the campaign).


    Internal or external e-newsletter published periodically. Two different issues must be submitted to qualify as one entry. 

    Demonstration of the application of equity in communication. This may include evidence of an equity lens, stance and application and efforts to center communications in equity. 
    Communication campaign using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or other social media platforms. Include copies of three social media posts relevant to the campaign.

    A printed or electronic, internal or external, stand-alone piece that is a booklet, brochure, poster, or material not included in other categories. 
    Limit - 3 entries per district

    Includes internal or external short and long format video programs designed for websites, social media, mobile apps, television, etc. Limit each entry to a single program, presentation or episode.
    Limit - 3 entries per district

    Internet or intranet website. Special purpose or short-term project websites are also accepted. Sharing information using a blog or other electronic medium that is regularly updated also accepted. Include copies of three separate posts for blog entries. Intranet entries must include password or other log-in information so judges can access the site.

    Materials from a training for staff to support staff in communicating with families and communities in writing and for public speaking. 


    Materials created in collaboration with and for support of staff presentations at conferences, community events, and board meetings. 

    Judging Criteria

    Each entry will be judged by a panel of communications professionals. Certain categories may have specific requirements, which are listed with the category descriptions. Overall, judges will consider factors such as:

    • Writing style and clarity
    • How design supports the message
    • Effectiveness of the communications tool for the intended audience


    Each entry will be evaluated and assigned an award category based on points received. 
    • Oregon’s Best
    • Award of Excellence
    • Award of Merit
    • Honorable Mention

    Selection and Award  

    The selection committee will include OSPRA board members and 2-3 current NSPRA affiliated "SPRA" members.

    The Communications Awards will be presented at the OSPRA Conference in Spring 2022. 

    Superintendent Communicator of the Year

    Superintendent Communicator of the Year nominations now CLOSED


    OSPRA sends the entry rules for the Outstanding Superintendent Communicator of the Year Award to all OSPRA members. 
        • Any member may submit an entry for the award. 
        • Only active OSPRA members may submit nominations. 

        Entries must include the following: 
        • Statement of nomination, limited to 500 words with a minimum 12pt. font 
        • Biographical sketch, limited to one, 300 words, with a minimum 12 pt. font 
        • Additional documentation/examplars (e.g. news media, employee communications, etc.)
        Entry Mode and Deadline - nominations are now closed. 


        • The nominee must be a current superintendent of a public school or education service district. Consideration for the nomination will include demonstrated evidence of the following:  
        • Demonstrates the value of a year-round, ongoing program of internal and external communication. Supports communication by allocating a portion of the budget to the program and providing staff and board training.  
        • Works closely, and in a strategic way, with district communication professional(s).  
        • Practices communication management techniques, such as empowering staff, working with the community, interacting with the media, and building partnerships with other entities.  Demonstrates excellent personal communication skills such as ethics, honesty, openness and good listening skills. 

        Selection and Award  

        The selection committee will include OSPRA board members and a current or former superintendent appointed by the OSPRA president.  

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